Note: I posted this on Saturday, but something went awry.  This went out to my subscribers, but never posted to the blog.  SOrry if you receive this twice.

Hi, sorry I wasn’t able to get to the computer Friday.  I was shadowing at a local high school and Biology went 30 minutes late!  After that, it was time for community service. When I got home, I just wanted some time to sleep (stereotypical teenager…), so I did.  When I woke up, I realized it was late, so I didn’t want to endanger your shortish sleeping hours…

About ten days ago, what must have been a very messy – and expensive crash happened in Japan.  Eight Ferrari’s (two 355 Spyder’s, a F430 F1, a 360 Modena, a 458 Italia, two 599 GTB’s, and a 599 GTO), a Lamborghini Gallardo, three Mercedes-Benz’s (a CL600, an SL65 AMG Black Series, and a S500), two Toyota’s (a 2004 Corolla XLE, and a 2000 Sienna), and a Honda Civic have crashed on Chokogu Expressway on the island of Shimonoseki, Japan.

There was a group of eight Ferrari’s from a nearby island on a travel route, when one of the Ferrari’s skidded on the slick road (from recent rain), hitting the center divider and quite literally shredding the side of it off.  This set off a chain-reaction wreck that wiped out the rest of the Ferrari’s, the Lamborghini, the S500, the SL65 AMG Black Series, the two Toyota’s and the Honda Civic.  When flying parts flew over into the other side of the freeway, the CL600 was hit.

According to local police, ten drivers were hospitalized, but there were no serious injuries.  That’s good (I DO care about other people…), but I’m sad about the cars.  The drivers have money, but they have to get new cars (unless they want to spend about $100,000 in repairs!), so I think that they should get Bugatti Veyron Super Sports (as they have all-wheel-drive, and won’t slip!)!!!!

Here’s a picture of two of the Ferrari’s, and be sure to watch the video and see the damage to the Ferrari’s! of crash involving Ferraris, a Lamborghini and three Mercedes Benz cars in Japan, no one was seriously injured

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