Due to some very. . . shall we call it OCD reasons,  this morning I did NOT want to stop reading the new Eragon Inheritance book, Inheritance.  It is a GREAT book, and I did NOT want to put it down, but I didn’t want to disappoint you either.  Enjoy my short definition of ‘Jimmy’.  Haven’t you always wondered why the word ‘jimmy’ was attached to certain vehicles? I thought so.

Jimmy (auto-related):  A name designated for a short-wheelbase, sport utility vehicle.  Primarily, the name has been employed by GMC truck, but is used as a popular term to describe all such trucks.  The car, the GMC Jimmy,  is the clone of the Chevy Blazer, but under the GMC name (Sierra pickups, Sonoma pickup, Yukon SUV, etc.).  Funny enough, the term ‘Jimmy’ is also a popular name for all GMC parts.  Jimmy superchargers, Roots-type superchargers for diesels (they’re all called Jimmy!).

3 thoughts on “Pappy, What’s a Jimmy?

  1. Alana is bummed, she wants a name that can be a car…Sierra, Jimmy. I told her there aren’t any Cynthia’s driving around, either!

  2. Shows you what I know…I always thought a jimmy was a tool to slip down inside the window of a car to unlock it…of course, that’s when car locks were mechanical and not electronic. Now with electronic locks a jimmy is called OnStar.

    Look that up in your directory Mr. Voom Broom Zooms


  3. The things I learn. I always thought Jimmy was the boy I knew when I was a kid. It doesn’t really matter, as I want a Pagani Huayra, and I don’t know anybody with a name like that.

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