If you’re thinking of the tow truck that had to pick you up yesterday, it would be ridiculously over sized on Japan’s tiny roads!  Tow trucks, along with many other things, are ‘supersized’ in America. The tow truck I’m thinking of is quite different – it’s Japanese, it’s got two wheels, and it’s a Honda!

Yes, it almost looks like something out of Terminator or one of the Transformers movies, but it’s not.  Here’s two “Transformers” together somewhere in Japan…

Here are a few pictures to entertain and to educate!

When I first saw the picture of one of these tow vehicles starting to tow a early ’90s VW Golf, I thought my eyes were deceiving me!

I also have sad auto news to pass along.  Carrol Shelby died six days ago at the age of 89 from pneumonia.  You can check out my biography blog post of him through the link below.



10 thoughts on “The Japanese Mater… (A ‘Cars’ Reference)

  1. Reading your copy I got the picture…..but I can’t open the pictures.

    Maybe it’s better this way…..if I just picture it in my mind….and then if you try to read my mind you’ll get the picture…so to speak.

    Love from your Zayz

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