Okay, I have a confession.  It’s true!  I have been a bit piggish, keeping this small, amazing website to myself and my family since I first got my email address way back in 2010.  Everybody in the family enjoys it, and certainly remembers the brochures for their first car (that is, once they look at the brochure…).  I am now divulging the great secret!  This website hosts all the brochures of almost every car from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.  How great is that?

If your car memory is spotty, you can look on this AWESOME website and see the original factory brochures for almost every American car!  It’s really quite simple:  just pick the manufacturer, the car, and the year.  But, it’s good to know that the Corvettes are in their own section.  Also, there are tire brochures, transmission brochures, oil brochures, rental company brochures, bus company brochures, boat brochures, spark plug brochures, travel trailer brochures, windshield brochures, piston ring brochures,wheel brochures, car body brochures, and even more!

There is also a blog that the webmaster/author writes.  He lives in Norway, and REALLY likes American cars!  If you have a brochure older than 1990, you can contact him, and it will go onto the website.  If you have a special car brochure that is older than 1990, he will definitely consider it!

Enjoy the website and many hours of interesting reading!  Don’t let your boss see all the time you spend on this website…

Enjoy!  http://www.lov2xlr8.no/broch1.html

6 thoughts on “Do You Remember the Brochure for Your First Car?

  1. What a handy website. What about newer cars? I shudder to think what my bosses (I have 2)think of my time spent reading your blog….

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