If you are wondering if a “Loud Pedal” refers to the musical percussion instrument called a “Piano,” think again!  The loud pedal on a piano makes the piano go louder, and the loud pedal on a car makes it louder AND faster (the latter of the two the piano CANNOT brag about!).

With cars, when you press the “Loud Pedal,” more gas and air flow into the engine, making it spin faster and rev higher.  This makes the car louder, hence the name “Loud Pedal…”

4 thoughts on “What’s a Loud Pedal?

  1. Can you install a pedal that makes your engine quieter and slower? i am thinking my teenager will be driving in a few years…

  2. Good to know! This is the kind of little tidbit of information that your Uncle Howie will be using at our next dinner party to impress our guests regarding his extensive knowledge on cars. I’ll make sure he credits you.

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