The 2012 new (and used) car market has picked up 10% since February.  Auto industry bigwigs are (correctly) thinking that you’ll need a new car pretty soon.  Pent up demand and all.  Though the economy may not be allowing you to get a new Lamborghini Gallardo, it hopefully does allow you to get a brand-new car that fits your needs and budget.

Because of so much demand that had been held back for a few years, Honda has redesigned their Civic compact, added a natural gas-burning engine to it, and introduced a redesigned Civic Hybrid and put out a new Civic model called the HF.  Toyota has redesigned their hum-drum Yaris subcompact to a point where it actually GIVES buyers at least one legitimate reason to buy it.  They have also introduced a new Pruis subcompact.  But, those pale in comparison to the fact that Detroit is making green, fun-to-drive, and dead-on reliable iron.

Anybody needing a new set of swanky wheels who wants to travel to Chicago in September should check out the various automakers’ vehicles.  Some good examples include the most fuel-efficient, lightest Cadillac ever; the ATS, the swanky 2013 Dodge Dart which has aggressive pricing starting at an amazing $16,000, and also happens to have a glove box designed to hold an iPad (any generation…), and the diesel VW Beetle convertible!

Though GM may be the largest U.S. automaker, Ford is generating enough buzz to give a bee a sore throat.  Why all the buzz, you might ask?  Well, the 2013 Fusion is going to be a sleek, midsize family sedan that would make Captain Kirk abandon ship in favor of it!  It comes in a conventional gas engine, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions.  Yet, with all the green-machines, there’s still room for a timeless muscle car:  The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will debut there with an all-new supercharged 5.8 liter V8 pumping out 650 horsepower, and close to 700 lb-ft of torque.  Oh, and did I mention that it has a speed of over 200 MPH?!!  VROOM!  That should be just enough to get all the other American automakers getting serious…

So start shopping!

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