For those fans of the Pagani Huayra, (namely me), I am very, very, very happy to report that the $1.66 Million Pagani Huayra is FINALLY coming to the U.S. (legally!).  The first U.S. spec car for the very first U.S. customer in the should be in my driveway by May 2013 at the latest 🙂  I’ve heard that nailing it in the Huayra is like going full-power in an SR-71 (Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief Angus MacKenzie compared it to putting the afterburners on in an F-15 [I’m all for speed and handling…]).

Huayra’s are meant to be driven.  Fast.  Very fast.  The Huayra is such a safe car that it makes a Volvo S60 with every single safety option checked, look about as safe as a unicycle!  Pagani has spent nearly $900,00 (NOT $90,000!) in developing a unique fuel system that helps eliminate the scary threat of fires in the rare event of a crash.  Plus, Pagani is currently developing a sport + mode that will lower the car 10mm, switch off ABS, stability control, AND eliminate the Auto Upshift that currently happens when you are in Comfort Mode or Sport Mode.  This will allow the driver more traction/control at higher speeds.  🙂

The primary reason the Huayra wasn’t imported  in to the U.S. had to do with airbags. The car had the wrong type of one-stage airbags (now it’s got two-stage airbags).  That meant that in the event of a crash, the airbags wouldn’t completely deploy.  Oops.  Well, all the kinks are being ironed out and I can’t wait to start driving mine!

If you haven’t read my previous post on Huayra’s, Horacio Pagani, and other interesting Pagani vehicles, I strongly recommend your reading my post on Horacio Pagani:

Oh, and the video for the Pagani Huayra on their website is extraordinary and deserves it’s own Grammy award!  The cinematography is enough to make you sell all your personal belongings and drive your brand-new Huayra throughout Argentina!  If you wait a couple of years, I’ll do it with you!…

Note: Please note this momentous event is being categorized by me under ‘world news’, and ‘gifts for the car enthusiast’.  Note my shameless hints…..

6 thoughts on “The 2013 Pagani Huayra is Finally Coming to the U.S. by Year’s End!

  1. As to your lusting after super fast and expensive cars, and your shameless hints, you must take after your father…..except if get worse with each generation…..but at least you do it with some style.

    Hugs from Zayzee

  2. I m looking forward to driving you to school in this lovely car. It should only take us about 5 minutes!

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