Elon Musk’s Space-X commerical rocket just successfully docked with the International Space Station earlier this month.  This means that (hopefully) we will be able to go into space and see the wonders of the Universe right before our eyes.  Back here on Earth, there is a car that will make us feel like astronauts of our own – the Tesla Model S.

The Model S (should stand for Model Superb) starts at just under $97,000, and will take you all the way up to $110,000 before you start clicking option boxes!  But, it’s worth it.  The car will catapult you to 60 mph in a seemingly slow 5.6 seconds , and take you an amazing 300 MILES per charge!  That makes the 100-mile range of the Nissan LEAF seem like absolutely NOTHING (which it is…)!

As of December 2012, Tesla will be finished installing “Supercharger” charging units by the roadside for the Model S, upcoming Model X, and current Roadster.  These Superchargers will put 150 miles of charge into the depleted batteries in just 1/2 an hour!  But, they’ll only be between key cities.  The Model S will accelerate a ’69 Pontiac GTO Judge with the Ram Air IV package from 60 mph to 80 mph.  That’s really fast.  “Luxury” models stop going any faster than 110 mph, but a “Performance” model will take you all the way to 130 blistering mph!

The Tesla Model S may have some bad rear seat lateral support, comfort and space, but sometimes stuff like that just can’t be helped.  But, the slingshot-like performance, standard equipment levels, and styling that should send Fisker Automotive (the one and only competitor to the Model S as of now) back to the drawing board.  If you have the money, want to look cool drag racing a Ford Mustang GT (which you should beat), and have four (or six with the optional rear-facing seat for kids) slack-jawed passengers, I suggest buying this car while it lasts.  If you don’t have $96,500, go for the Fisker Karma, which goes for just a tad over $83,000.  But, you won’t look as cool as you would in a Model S, would you?

Now, I’ve got to answer possibly the hardest question that I’ve ever faced:  IS the Tesla Model S the best car in the world?  My answer:  No.  That honor goes to the Pagani Huayra.   However, the Tesla Model S is probably the third or fourth best.  But, it is the best ELECTRIC car built.  Now I’ve REALLY got to start getting PAID for all the yard work I do, Mom!

6 thoughts on “The Otherworldly Tesla Model S Blows Away the Competition (in Terms of Pricing and Performance…)!

  1. Sounds like a great ride…until your not near a charge station with nowhere to plug in. Thats why i am holding on to my 100 grand. 🙂 Is that the car with the open upward doors? Like those old Delorians?

  2. Uncle Howie and I saw one at the airport the other day. He was impressed and I was like – eh, what’s the big deal. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not the best judge of cars. However, I do know what I like!

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