Even though the global economy is still in the toilet, those wealthy enough to buy expensive cars are certainly, er, flaunting their wealthiness (don’t you love it whenI make up new words?!).  What new big-buck cars have you seen down in your neck of the woods?  Let’s call “expensive” more than $50,000.

Up in my neck of the woods, our next-door neighbor has a brand-new Audi A6.  I’ve also seen a lot of heavy-duty pickups.  Our local fire station (make that two or three) recently took ownership of a Ford F250 (great use of tax dollars!) SuperCab with the diesel engine, four-wheel-drive, and a LEATHER interior!  Seriously, firefighters must have sensitive butts…

So while Europe is a worry, and while they say that the US economy is picking up, the wealthy are shopping.  What’s around in your neck of the woods (so to speak).  That’s it for me, but you might have better eyes than mine.

10 thoughts on “What Expensive Rides Do You See Around Town?

  1. Your sister and I saw a Tesla in downtown recently. I also saw a new Porsche zooming down the highway today. Clearly, however, we can’t hold a candle to LA.

  2. I saw a 1930 something Rolls Royce Phantom in all white driving down along the cliffs in PV just today. I was thinking of you, but I couldn’t get a picture of it. It has to be a multi million dollar car, right?

  3. I didn’t think firemen would want seat warmers! We see a lot of dirty cars in our dusty neck of the mountain!

  4. Fisker Karma (over $100,00 base)’
    Aston Martin Vanquish (around $150,000)
    Ferrari 458
    Aston martin One-77

    By the way – I have only seen one on some websites – but check out the new Maybach Excelero (it lists for $8 mill)

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