Croatia has never made cars that wealthy people want.  Why?  Usually, they are cars that are popular in Russia and Eastern Europe.  Now, there is a Croatian inventor who just might be an exception to that rule.

The $980,000 Rimac Automobili Concept_One electric car has FOUR electric motors (one per wheel).  This means that the car is extremely powerful and fast.  The Concept_One can reach 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.  With a top speed of 189 mph, the ultra-light Rimac is a strong contendor for those who don’t want their noggin smashed on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Drive.  The Concept_One tips the scales at just over 2400 pounds.   Only 88 Concept_One’s have been built and sold, each at $980,000.  The Concept_One is also a very exotic-looking car.  It’s very sleek, and looks like nothing out on the road.  Inside, a sumptuous leather interior greets the owner (at this price it should…).  The 1,088 horsepower and 2,800 lb-ft of torque are on tap at zero rpm.  Plus, the car is possible of taking you on long interstate lopes (range is 375 miles).

Something that’s also very cool is the four brushless electric motors (one per wheel!) that can accelerate or decelerate at hundreds of times per second, according to road conditions.  It’s similar to Porsche’s torque vectoring system, but it is much more sophisticated than the Porsche system.  Because the transmission only has one gear (instead of seven or eight, like it’s competitors), there are no power blips due to transmission blips.  This driving experience will blow owners out of the water because the car delivers a totally different driving experience than a gasoline-powered car (no howling engine, no gears to worry about shifting), and the gigantic display on the center console is larger and higher-resolution than an iPad 3.  That massive display will entertain the owner with it’s touch-screen display, and also let the driver know just about everything the car is doing at any given moment.

So what do you say Prius drivers – want an upgrade?

12 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Eco-Friendly Car Ever!

  1. Very cool looking car. I like that it has no back window. I guess with over 1000 horsepower you don’t look back, only foooooorwarrrrrrrrrrd…

  2. Does it come with an electric power station to charge it, maybe a portable hydrostation you can drop in a nearby river as you climb the mountain!

  3. Definitely better looking than a Prius. Bet the nonexistent gas bill helps defray the cost of the car. Haha! Dd you accidentally add a zero when you posted the price?

  4. I guess that this car is out of the question for Candler’s first car. I know, that if I had that type of money, I would totally buy it. I personally think the Rimac is better looking than the Huayra.

  5. I would buy one for you, but I don’t want to see you help PG&E out. Besides, anything less than 1 Million is soooo common.

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