How many miles do you have on your car?  How many miles do you put on it a year?  Even if you’ve gone through a car every 10 years, you had to have put on at least SOME miles yearly, or if you are still driving your first car, there’s got to be some way that you racked up the miles to where they are right now.  The miles can be approximate, not down to the last inch!  People are holding onto their car for longer periods.  There should be some amazing numbers out there.

My cars all have varying levels of miles:

1989 Chevy S10:  221,400 miles

1996 GMC Yukon:  161,880 miles

I love being able to say, “My cars…!”

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Mileage Milestone?

  1. I’m sweating out the miles, as I have a lease and can’t go over 45,000 without being penalized when I turn it in! A few more crazy nights of carpooling 6 young ladies to a football game and I am over the limit!

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