We all hate paying over $100 when we fill up. Gas guzzlers listen up!!  That’s why Toyota has a Prius!  Honda is attempting to get potential owners to buy a Civic Natural Gas by throwing a $3,000 gas card into the mix by January 2, 2013.  This debit card can only be used at Clean Energy branded pumps.  This could mean that owners could save a pretty good amount of cash when they fill up.  Although the Civic Natural Gas needs natural gas, the car is quite similar to its sibling Civic.  Plus, the  DMV has granted the Natural Gas Civic High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV).  It’s powered by a 110 horsepower, 1.8 liter four-cylinder that’s mated to a five-speed automatic.  But, the car is the most expensive Civic in the lineup, starting at $27,095.  If you are considering buying a Civic Natural Gas, remember that only 199 dealers in 36 states are authorized by Honda to sell the car.

6 thoughts on “Free Gas if You Buy a 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas!

  1. Does a natural gas car drive well? Is there any difference? What kind f mileage does it get?
    You have peeked my curiosity.

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