Chevy is feeling a mite bit jealous of Subaru and Scion’s joint success of the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S, so at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Chevy came out with two concept cars:  The Code 130R and the Tru 140S.  Chevy threw the Code 130R and the Tru 140S into mock battle on Facebook and Twitter to see which car would win.  I am going to focus on the Code 130R, as it has a stronger chance of going into production.

The Code 130R is based on a shortened Cadillac ATS platform.  For some people, the car may remind you of an everyday man’s (or woman’s) BMW 1 Series coupe.  To me, it looks like a cross between a 1967 Chevy Camaro/BMW 1 Series.  It is just a bit bigger than the FR-S/BRZ, and has less horsepower.  But, it has a similar mission:  To introduce those new to the automobile to the joys of driving.  The concept has a 1.4 liter turbo four putting out a somewhat measly 150 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque.  However, the concept does have GM’s eAssist, which would give the tiny 1.4 about 15 more horsepower.  The gigantic 20-inch tires are going to need a bit more than 163 horsepower to break into a drift.  Car & Driver has heard that if the car makes it to production (very likely), it will likely have these three engines:  a direct-injected 2.0 liter four cylinder as the base engine, the 1.4 liter in the Eco model, and for those who enjoy high-powered drifts, the potent 2.0 liter turbo from the Cadillac ATS (270 horsepower).  That power will get to the wheels via a standard six-speed automatic or an optional six-speed manual.

Here’s a picture for you to drool over.

  • chevrolet-code-130r-concept-side-3

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