Last year for Veteran’s Day, Jeep came out with a limited-edition Wrangler Freedom Edition.  This year, the Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition is the new Jeep on dealer lots.  Jeep now times a new edition to sell around Veteran’s Day.  This limited-edition Patriot shows our military servicemen and servicewomen that Jeep still remembers those citizens who have fought on behalf of our country.  Based on the Patriot Latitude, the Freedom Edition Patriot is available with front or all-wheel-drive.  Three exterior colors are available:  Bright White, True Blue, and Deep Cherry Red.  A matte-black Army-inspired star lies directly on top of the hood.  The wheels are 17 inch “Mineral Grey.”  “Oscar Mike” badges (military jargon for “on the move”) are on the lower part of the front doors.

Inside, the interior is pretty much the same as a regular Patriot, but Oscar Mike badges are stitched into the front seats.  Unique trim is also spread throughout the interior.  Also, a large sliding sunroof comes with the Patriot Freedom Edition.

The 2013 Jeep Patriot Freedom Edition starts at $22,440, and Jeep will donate $250 from each Freedom Edition sold to military charities.  You can buy a Patriot Freedom Edition at a local Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram/SRT dealer now.

4 thoughts on “Jeep and Capitalism, er, Patriotism

  1. The next time you are ready to post a sales pitch for anyone you should negotiate their placing an ad on the site or a link to wherever they want ……and put the Moo (you won’t get enough $ to call if Moola) in your college fund…or is it a car fund?

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