BMW is usually conservative when coming out with limited-edition cars.  They don’t do it frequently, but when they do, they are usually collector’s items.  The BMW K2 Concept Powder Ride is the result of BMW and K2 (which is known as “America’s Ski Company”). It is based off of the new BMW X1 SUV, and the upcoming Powder Ride Edition X1.  BMW says that the K2 Concept Powder Ride is the blend of sumptuous interior materials, and an exclusive roof structure.  BMW’s Valencia Orange paint is complemented by a large graphic that is a close-up of limited-edition K2 skis.

Also, the exterior gets an extra eight millimeters of suspension travel over the standard X1, and 19-inch five-spoke wheels covered in Ferric Grey and then polished half to death. A Harman Kardon sound system takes shelter in the two luggage spots on the driver’s side.  These nice speakers are two-way, and BMW says they create a “powerful sound stage for apres ski fun with a difference at the end of the valley run.”  Plus, the gigantic roof box can be illuminated in orange or blue.  Oh, and three VERY powerful LED spotlights are integrated into the roof structure.

BMW is going unusual and offering a CONCEPT vehicle for sale to the public for the span of the winter.  A toned-down version of the K2 Concept Powder Ride called the BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition is on sale for $44,390, including destination and handling.

I’ve attached a picture for you to possibly drool at.  You can find out technical specs at

This car makes me want to drive a BMW, and go skiing.  Who wants to drive up to the slopes together?

 BMW announces X1 Powder Ride Edition and K2 Powder Ride concept

BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride

4 thoughts on “Is BMW Crazy?

  1. I think that a trip to the slopes in this Beemer would be lovely. However, I think (I mean, know) I will need all the really cute requisite clothing for both skiing, and apres-ski.

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