The short answer?  Probably not.  Kia and Ford both revealed concept cars at the 2013 Shanghai International Auto Show.  Ford brought back the Escort nameplate, and Kia came up with something, er, imaginative.  The Kia Horki is certainly imaginative.

The Horki is based off of the 2014 Kia Forte platform, which would allow for development costs to go down significantly.  We probably won’t see the stylish Horki on our shores – when it comes into production, it will be for China only.  Kia combined two Chinese words for harmony and driving.  They came up with Horki.

Like Hyundai’s Genesis and Equus brands, the Horki will be a sub-brand of Kia.  The Horki brand will officially debut to Chinese customers in the second half of the calendar year of 2015.  I can hedge a safe bet that one of the first Horki models will be based off the flashy Horki compact sedan shown at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The concept car looks like no production Kia.  It has slim, pulled-back headlights, and a grille that’s completely different from U.S. cars like the Optima, Forte, Rio, or Cadenza.  The well-defined shoulders of the car stunning taillights are different from the 2014 Forte.  Of course, this is a concept car.  A stunning one, at that.

Whether Kia’s and Ford’s plans to offer cars that are offered exclusively in China will pay off, only time will tell.  They could update global vehicles (GM, Honda, Toyota, and Ford already do that), but costs to do that are high.

Tell me what you think of the Horki.  WordPress is being funky, and not allowing me to copy and paste images!  Sorry about that!  For now, just go onto Google Images, and search for the Kia Horki concept car.  Then, come back to my blog, and tell me what you think of the Horki!

Sorry for the delay in posting.  I had a post ready to go, but forgot to publish.  Finals are here, and my brain is tuned to non-car related matters.  If any figures of authority read this, may they be pleased by my studious attitude!

10 thoughts on “Is the Kia Horki Concept Car Ever Going to Come To America?

    I am pleased by your studious attitude and impressed.
    Your good works and words do not go unnoticed.
    Sometimes I exaggerate a little….but not here.
    Someday your faithful readers will say I knew him when…


  2. Just checked out the Horki on Google Images
    The car is cool….the purple model is hot.
    Remember when the Hundai Sonata was a concept car in orange
    This is somewhat similar….too nice for the Chinese ..they won’t be able to appreciate the lines in the Peking smog.


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