Manual transmissions have basically died in the supercar segment.  Dual clutch transmissions are much quicker, more reliable, and can handle the high horsepower and torque that the engines put out.  Plus, (and I now make gross generalizations) most of the wealthy are far too lazy (or ignorant) to drive a supercar with a stick. Lamborghini has known that for a while.  The Gallardo, the smaller, less expensive Lambo, might end it’s production run with a stick!

According to Road & Track, Lamborghini of North America CEO, Michael Lock, said that the final Gallardo run will be stripped-down, basic, rear-wheel-drive, and built for purists.

A brand-new Gallardo will follow shortly after, so a rather irrational strain of logic would need to happen for customers to consider buying the final run of the Gallardo.  This is the rather irrational strain.

Despite its being the last Gallardo in a 10-year run of Gallardo’s, this minimalist edition shouldn’t get bumped up in value in coming years.

As to what the successor for the Gallardo is, one can only speculate.  We know that the Gallardo’s successor might be called the Cabrera.  Lamborghini has also said that the “Cabrera” will be lighter, thanks to aluminum and carbon-fiber construction.  It will have a dual-clutch transmission (finally!!), and a mid-mounted V10 engine.  Anything other than that is complete and pure speculation.  That is, outside of Lamborghini!

4 thoughts on “Could the Last Lamborghini Gallardo Be Stripped-Down With a Stick?

  1. Can you explain what a dual clutch actually is? One seemed plenty for me when I drove a manual, but now that I am married, maybe I need two!

    1. A dual-clutch transmission is a semi-automatic transmission. One clutch is used for even gears, the other is used for odd gears. They do have the ability to be operated in manual mode, though!

    1. Manual transmissions are starting to die a slow and painful death for automotive enthusiasts. A manual transmission helps bring out the character of a car, and it makes the car even more enjoyable to drive.

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