So, my mom and I were driving along when we saw a meeting of the local chapter of the Ford Model T and Model A club.  Of course, we just HAD to stop!  I took some pictures of these cars.  I hope you like them.IMG_20131024_181309This lovely 1912-ish Ford Model T proves that Henry Ford DID make Model T’s in colors other than black!  Please try and get over the fact that everything is backwards on the Model T.  It is NOT right hand drive – it’s just the way that my imaging software works!

IMG_0814This beautiful 1909 Model T Roadster is truly amazing.  The spare tire on the back doesn’t have a wheel on the back because it was cheaper for Henry Ford’s horseless carriage to be made with four wheels and one spare tire.  It has higher ground clearance than a modern Jeep Wrangler!  That’s because in 1909, roads were still just wagon ruts.  Nothing hung down below the axles so that the engine or transmission wouldn’t be knocked off!

20131005_091845Fully resplendent in Henry Ford’s famous color – black!  This four-door 1908 Model T is fully restored, and looks better up close!  This thing takes shiny to a whole new level!

20131005_091745This 1923 Ford Model A pickup is cool!  It’s a convertible pickup!  It’s in bone-stock, completely restored condition.  This thing purrs like a kitten.

20131005_091711This Model T owner has brass, and a big windshield!  I want the seats from this car – they’re basically just leather sofas!  Even the wheels have brass spacers and center caps.  This car looks amazing!


I like this daily-driven 1916 Ford Model A Speedster.  Essentially just a stripped-down Model T, the Speedster was kind of like a homologation special that became really popular!  It had no creature comforts, and all non-essential parts were taken off!  It weighed about 900 pounds!

20131005_091621A whole row of Tin Lizzies!  I like the red one closest to me.  It stands out nicely.  It probably gets a lot of thumbs-ups, too!

10 thoughts on “Out and About in Sonoma County!

  1. When I was in high school I dated a guy who was into antique cars. He was friends with a man who was a member of an antique car club. He had quite a few old cars. On one of their weekend rides to another town, he asked my boyfriend to drive one of his Model Ts. I got to go along. It was lots of fun!

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