While Bugatti may hold an unofficial record for the fastest production car ever (Bugatti recently announced that they took off the speed governor on the car used for Guinness Book of World Records testing.  They also used race-spec tires.  Both of those disqualified the car.)  The fastest production car in the world is the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, which went 255.83 mph in 2007.  However, Bugatti didn’t let that unofficial record hit them in the gut. They took the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse up to its top speed of 254 mph.  That’s official, according to the Guinness Book of World Records folks.  It should be, because they checked every single square millimeter of that car.  The extremely lucky driver?  None other than Anthony Liu, a Chinese Formula 1 driver.  Even better, the car did this astonishing feat with its top down!!!!  Where was this record set?  The Volkswagen Group’s famous Ehra-Lessien testing grounds in Germany, where a stunning photo of the record-breaking car was taken.  The car can hit a top speed of 254 mph with the top up, according to a senior Bugatti engineer.  With the top down, it is “highly recommended to not follow Mr. Liu’s attempts, and keep the car at 233 mph.”  Whatever.  Mr. Liu obviously wanted to tell THIS engineer that he races cars WITHOUT a top ALL THE TIME, and he can drive it just as well!  The only two colors available right now for the Grand Sport Vitesse are a vivid black-and-orange color scheme that should tell the cops that they can’t even come close to catching this ace of spades!

6 thoughts on “Wanna Drive the Fastest Convertible…In the World?

  1. Please recontact me when they have a larger choice of colors.
    You never mentioned it, but how fast will this car clean out a bank account?
    Congratulations on your self control in not asking your faithful readers anything about getting you one.

    love from this faithful reader

  2. I had the same reaction as Zayzee. All ready to purchase mine, until the color choices. I’ll have to wait until it is available in white.

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