You know what usually happens when you park your car in front of a fire hydrant – you get a ticket, your car is towed to impound, and you get a bunch of impound fees to top it off.  Notice the emphasis on usually.  However, the owner of a BMW 335i Coupe wasn’t so lucky.

A couple of days ago in East Boston, the BMW owner parked their car in front of a fire hydrant.  Shortly after that, a fire broke out in a nearby house.  When Boston’s best came, they had no choice but to smash in some of the left side of the Bimmer to get access to the fire hydrant.  They also needed to have more room for the inflexible fire hoses, so they literally bounced the BMW about a foot and a half.  Then, they broke in the windows of the BMW and fed the fire hose through.  Oh, and to add insult to injury, the Boston Police Department towed the BMW, AND sent a $100 ticket to the owner.  As if getting smashed windows, a big dent, and a lot of embarrassment wasn’t enough…

While the Boston Fire Department said that the firefighters didn’t take any glee in doing such a thing as that.  If that makes them sleep at night, okay.  However, the BMW window-smashing went kinda viral on the vast expanses of the internet.  Ex-firefighters said that they all pray to do what their brethren in Boston did to jacka**es.  Conflicting points of view?  You bet.

I’ve got to tell you looking at the pictures and videos of the BMW, it’s definitely a feel-good moment.  Everybody has at least one automotive-related mess up.  While I don’t know the owner’s name, I can quite confidently say that this is one of them.  Bummer to the Bimmer owner!

10 thoughts on “Break My Window – I Dare You!

  1. Maybe the beemer owner should charge them for the therapeutic cathartic experience of smashing the windows!

  2. Too bad the beat up Accura was not parked in front of the hydrant, maybe you know who would get a new car!

      1. I do know who you know who is. You know who wants a BMW 328i Coupe to be his. I bet he could get it for not a lot of moola, as it only needs some bodywork and two new windows…

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