Just a friendly reminder to those of you who have not signed up for the giveaway, enter!  It’s as easy as commenting on this post and saying you want to be entered!  It’s literally that easy!  The giveaway prize is a Roadkill baseball hat, universal for all sizes!  Because so few of my readers have signed up for the giveaway, I have extended the deadline until Friday!  Remember, just leave a comment saying you wish to be entered into the giveaway!  It’s that simple!

17 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder!

  1. I’m still searching through the closets looking for MY hat. Whatever you do, don’t pick Granny – it would only encourage her to cook more of her famous Road kill stew!

  2. I’ll take any size, shape or color. I did send a comment yesterday, but just in case, sign me up again.

  3. I don’t know, I personally think that a Road Kill hat would look incredibly nice on my noggin! So PICK ME!

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