14 thoughts on “Our Lucky Winner!

    1. I know that she deserves it, but threatening me is not a viable way of getting a hat (just kidding!). Please don’t make any ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ jokes!

  1. The investigation has been launched….do not destroy any emails or hard copies….or the rules of the contest which never seemed to exist so i doubt they have been destroyed….don’t make any long range plans to be out of town…the grand jury will want to see your smiling face very soon.
    Maybe Mom can wear the cap when she’s called to testify UNDER OATH.

    1. There were rules for the contest, but that’s not to say that certain people (I won’t name anybody, Mom!) don’t follow them…I will make sure that Mom will wear the cap when she testifies in front of the angry mob!

  2. I just re-read your post….i agree you didn’t rig the system….there never was a system…just a big fix

  3. Just sayin to all the harts out there (ahem Zayz and Ira), I am taking the high road, and apparently there is a lot of Roadkill on it!

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