Last night, I reported on Travis Kvapil’s car being stolen early yesterday morning.  Well, it’s been found.

The theft of the car forced Kvapil and his team to withdraw from Sunday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The truck and trailer that were stolen, along with the car, drove out of the parking lot of the hotel about 5:30 a.m.

The car was found about 20 miles outside of Atlanta, off the road leading into a suburb. The car appears to be undamaged.  The truck and trailer are yet to be recovered.

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Even though the car has been found, Kvapil still cannot race this weekend – he missed the mandatory Friday inspection, and was forced to withdrwa from the race.  Bummer.

6 thoughts on “Travis Kvapil’s Car Found

  1. You should consider adding a little oomph to stories like this one by heading it NEWS ALERT.
    Fox news does it all day long even when it’s the SAME OLD STORY…..since your stuff is always new and fresh you won’t have this problem…..until you get into a time bind and start running the BEST OF OLD STORIES every once in a while.


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